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Why Our Research Is In Its Own Ivy League 

  •   Ivy Zelman, Founder and Hall of Fame analyst, is known for bold thinking and actionable insights across all housing sectors.
  •   For 25 plus years, investors and executives have benefitted from Zelman’s market expertise and unbiased perspectives.
  •   Proprietary research spans from highly-impactful macro themes to company-specific dynamics.
  •   Comprehensive, quantified monthly surveys of C-Suite executives provide unparalleled insights.
  •   Our rigorous analysis and modeling insights are more reliable than government and other third-party sources.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Zelman’s insights enable me to outgun the competition, and if their thinking differs from my intentions, I stop and rethink."
Building Products Executive
"The data we get from Zelman gives us more confidence than any other sources for informing our strategy and guiding our decisions."
Homebuilder Executive
"Best real-time read of fundamentals that are leading indicators of housing, which is an indicator of where the economy is going."
Institutional Investor