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  • Research team led by Hall of Fame analyst, Ivy Zelman
  • In-depth report every two weeks with 7-8 unique analyses
  • Proprietary data points covering all housing-related sectors
  • Key analysis, insights, and forecasts of macro housing data

Why The Z Report is So Valuable to Housing Executives and Investors

From the only research resource with an exclusive focus on the housing market. For more than 25 years, investors and executives have benefitted from Zelman’s market expertise and unbiased perspectives.


Leverages proprietary research among C-Suite executives. Comprehensive, quantified monthly surveys provide unparalleled insights.


Rigorous analysis and modeling delivers industry-leading assessments and forecasts more reliable than government and other third-party sources.

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"The Z Report is a great strategic tool. It helps me keep perspective of the bigger picture, and not getting bogged down in what's going on this instant moment. No matter what discipline you're in, The Z Report can help guide your decision-making. "
Senior Executive, Homebuilder
"I like the fact that it's very comprehensive, so it covers builders, lenders, land, title insurers, mortgage originators, mortgage insurers. Kind of like the whole ecosystem of housing. That's my favorite part about it."
President, Mortgage Insurer
"The Z Report gives me a pulse on the state of business. It allows me to move my business in a way that you feel like you've got an assemblage of factual information to be able to go by."
President, Home Building Company