Data & Analytics - HousingScout

HousingScout, our flagship proprietary data product, is comprised of over 300 key performance indicators (KPIs) available on a monthly basis for each major housing vertical, including: 

  • Homebuilding / New Construction
  • Building Product Suppliers, Homecenters and Home Improvement Spending
  • Residential Real Estate Transaction Activity and Prices
  • Rental Markets, including both Single-Family and Multi-Family
  • Mortgage Finance

HousingScout allows investors, executives and other decision-makers to:

  • Leverage a variety of KPIs that act as leading indicators for the housing cycle, enabling users to make better and more-timely business decisions, improve macroeconomic forecasting or optimize investment portfolios with greater insight and certainty
  • Generate alpha in financial markets by more accurately tracking and forecasting demand drivers and supply chain dynamics for hundreds of publicly-traded companies involved in the housing industry with well over $1 trillion of market cap in aggregate
  • Gain historical perspective and back-test models with 10 or more years of history for most metrics
Data & Analytics - HousingScout
Consulting and Bespoke Data & Analytics Services

Consulting and Bespoke Data & Analytics Services

We provide data and analytics consulting services where we can deliver one-time or recurring projects and analyses leveraging Zelman’s: 

  • Robust intellectual capital, as our Research team collectively has nearly 150 years of experience analyzing the U.S. housing market
  • Unparalleled experience regarding data sources relevant to housing
  • Highly-integrated housing-related databases containing over four billion records

We specialize in analyzing and forecasting:

  • Homebuilding / Residential Construction
  • Demographics and Housing
  • Residential Mortgage and Credit Trends
  • Home Sale Volumes and Prices
  • Weather Impacts
  • Regional and Metro-Level Markets
  • Rental Markets

Who We Serve

Who We Serve  

  • Public Market Investors: Global Macro, Equity, Fixed Income, Quantitative
  • Private Market Investors: Real Estate, Private Equity, Venture Capital
  • Corporations and Executives: Lenders, Manufacturers, Consumer-Focused Companies

The Zelman Advantage  

  • Demonstrated ability to identify turns in residential real estate cycles
  • Databases covering all major housing verticals – homebuilding, rental, demographics, mortgage finance and more – over four billion records spanning multiple decades 
  • Tight integration of databases across housing industries allows seamless blending of data sources and unique insights
  • Deep understanding of wide swath of data sources and their applicability to housing, as even some of the best sources can come up short in certain areas
Who We Serve

Meet Our Team Leader

Meet Our Team Leader
Kevin, Head of Data & Analytics, joined Zelman & Associates in 2013. Prior to his current role, he led the firm’s mortgage research effort, including covering equities within the title insurance and mortgage technology spaces. Before joining the Zelman team, he worked in Equity Research at Morgan Stanley and Investment Banking for Bear Stearns. 
He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, has a Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University and a Master of Science in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania. He lives with his wife and two boys in a fourth floor walkup in Manhattan. 
Kevin can be reached at [email protected].