Engage Our Experts for Actionable Insights

Given our research team’s intense focus on synthesizing and triangulating macro and micro data across the various sectors of the housing market, our expert analysts are uniquely positioned to deliver the most relevant, timely and actionable content to corporate executives, investment professionals and other housing industry leaders and participants. Offerings include, but are not limited to, customizable webinars, in-person speaking engagements, Board presentations and other strategic leadership meetings.

Engagements Include:

  • Keynote and Panel Presentations
  • Corporate Events
  • Investor Conferences
  • Board Presentations
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts

For details or a customized quote, please contact:
Kim Gray, Senior Vice President
[email protected]

Engage Our Experts for Actionable Insights
Feedback from Our Events

Feedback from Our Events

“I learned through experience that Zelman has deep insights and are great readers of the cards, Ivy particularly. Zelman gives us confidence, and validation. When you find alignment with your ideas and what Zelman is saying per their math and statistical analysis, you know you are making a wise decision.”
  - Homebuilding Executive

“Congratulations on a great conference! The 1x1s were very productive and from my perspective, an added benefit was our ability to interact with our customers in the evening.  I’ll be sure to put this on my calendar for next year."
  - Financial Services Executive

“Zelman set a new standard for the industry's best housing conference this year, yet again. I thought the lineup of companies and presentations couldn't have been better. I had a fantastic 1x1 schedule and came away with a number of great insights from the conference."
  - Institutional Investor