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Unparalleled Proprietary Research

Cradle to Grave: Let's Face It, We Have a People Problem

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Coming off the slowest decade of household growth in history and still trying to ascertain how the pandemic might have altered housing’s prior path, a clear understanding of future demographics might be more important than ever. In this report, we update our detailed population projections and leverage an exhaustive analysis of housing-related demographics to form a longer-term outlook for household formation and normalized new construction supply. Population growth – the crucial underpinning of incremental housing demand – is on a troubling trajectory. While developers should be concerned, the widely-held perception that housing is drastically undersupplied has instead encouraged accelerated investments. Unfortunately, we find these optimistic supply arguments to be misplaced, anchored in history that has become increasingly irrelevant. We are concerned that housing demand and supply are set on diverging courses.

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