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Building Products Update

Mon, March 18, 2024

Adam hosted a call to discuss recent survey takeaways and company-specific views.

A Rising Tide of For-Sale Inventory

Fri, March 15, 2024

Ryan hosted a call to a call to discuss takeaways from our recent report, A Rising Tide of For-Sale Inventory: Up and To the Right, a Headwind to Home Price Growth.


Homebuilding Update

Wed, March 13, 2024

Alan hosted a call to discuss discuss recent survey takeaways and company-specific views.

Spotlight CC: SmartRent

Fri, March 08, 2024

Ivy hosted a fireside chat with Lucas Haldeman, CEO of SmartRent. They provide smart home solutions and property operations for multifamily.

Base Camp - Welcome From Ivy Zelman

Fri, March 01, 2024

Our inaugural webcast for this year’s Virtual Base Camp focused on the comprehensive outlook of the housing market for 2024-25, spearheaded by Ivy Zelman. Key topics involved our new home outlook, an overview of the existing home market, discussion of multifamily trends, and concluding with our building product outlook. Slide presentation here.

Base Camp - Building Products Panel

Fri, March 01, 2024

Our Building Products Panel discussed a wide variety of topics. From a residential end market perspective, the outlook for single-family new construction was the most positive given the growth in starts in 2023 and solid year-to-date trends. Though on-the-ground activity in home improvement remains sluggish, there is hope for a pickup as we move into 2H23. We also discussed pricing power, input costs, margins and the M&A environment.  

Base Camp - Homebuilding Panel

Fri, March 01, 2024

Our Homebuilding Panel provided a real-time update on sales trends during the early stages of the pivotal spring selling season. Other topics of discussion included the environment surrounding pricing and incentives, cost inflation, price point and market trends and the M&A outlook within the industry.

Base Camp - Real Estate Services Panel

Fri, March 01, 2024

Our Real Estate Services Panel centered around the recent industry lawsuits and investigations, potential outcomes, and implications for agents and brokerages. Our panel also discussed how the industry is evolving more broadly – from growth in agent teams and higher-split / virtual brokerages, to the race to develop additional ancillary revenue streams.

Base Camp - Single-Family Rental Panel

Fri, March 01, 2024

Our Single-Family Rental Panel highlighted strong near-term demand indicators as seasonality returns to the business. The discussion also included high-level thoughts on the OER component of housing CPI, overall single-family rental fundamentals, the land side of built-for-rent deals, the supply outlook and political risk across the sector.