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Data Conflict With Single-Family Rental Bull Thesis

October 18, 2019 by Zelman & Associates

We have always been of the opinion that the type of housing demanded by consumers is heavily dependent on demographic circumstances and life events. In general, single-family housing skews to families and suburban living while multi-family ...

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The Latest on Homeownership and Housing Supply

July 26, 2019 by Zelman & Associates

Yesterday, the Census Bureau released its quarterly Housing Vacancy Survey (HVS), which is intended to measure the occupancy and ownership status of the nation’s housing stock. Although the second quarter release indicated a sequential decline ...

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Income Analysis Suggests Future Firepower for Homeownership

May 03, 2019 by Zelman & Associates

For 1Q19, the Census Bureau’s Housing Vacancy and Homeownership Survey (HVS) estimated the national homeownership rate at 64.2%, unchanged from 1Q18. This is the first time out of the last eight quarters that homeownership did not increase ...

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Strong Signal as Homeownership Rises Again Despite Transaction Weakness

March 08, 2019 by Zelman & Associates

According to the latest Housing Vacancy Survey (HVS) from the Census Bureau, the national homeownership rate improved again in 4Q18, reaching 64.8% versus 64.4% in 3Q18. This now marks the highest level since 1Q14 and represents the eighth ...

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Homeownership Rises Again as Single-Family Living Taking Share

November 02, 2018 by Zelman & Associates

Over the last year, multi-family starts have accounted for 29% of all starts, close to the decade-to-date share at 31%. With this being notably higher than 20% in the 1990s and from 2000-09, clients often inquire as to whether we believe this ...

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Young Adult Homeownership Rises Again and We’re Optimistic it is Just the Start

July 27, 2018 by Zelman & Associates

According to data just released by the Census Bureau, the national homeownership rate continued its cyclical recovery, averaging 64.3% in 2Q18. This is 60 basis points stronger than in 2Q17, marking the sixth consecutive quarter that year-over-year ...

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Student Debt Fears are Overblown – Here’s Why

June 15, 2018 by Zelman & Associates

According to our analysis of Census Bureau data, in 2016, 35% of 25-39 year olds had earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher, continuing a multi-decade increase. For comparison, the share stood at 31% in 2010, 27% in 2000, 24% in 1990, 23% in ...

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Forget About Tax Changes – Homeownership Edges Higher Again

May 04, 2018 by Zelman & Associates

When tax reform became a meaningful conversation in late-2017, there was widespread concern that de-emphasizing itemized deductions for property taxes and mortgage interest would serve as a marginal headwind to the desire for homeownership ...

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A Hush Likely Emerging from Homeownership Bears

February 09, 2018 by Zelman & Associates

We have previously written extensively about the outlook for homeownership, including in a November 2016 analysis titled “Why We Believe the Homeownership Rate Has Bottomed.” Recent trends from the Housing Vacancy and ...

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How at Risk is Homeownership with Mortgage Interest Deduction Deemphasized?

January 12, 2018 by Zelman & Associates

There are several pieces of tax reform that directly or indirectly affect the housing market, but the degree to which these items matter has been a hot topic of debate since legislation was proposed and ultimately passed. The conversation has ...

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