Posts from November 2021

Built-For-Rent Participants Targeting More Tertiary Markets

November 30, 2021 by Kevin Kaczmarek & Jesse Lederman

In a report titled Built-For-Rent Set to Alter New Home Landscape, we discussed the dynamics of the $60 billion of capital raised to target the white-hot built-for-rent space. Within roughly two months of the publication of our report, we have identified an additional $15 billion of ventures earmarked for deployment…
Will Media Narrative Surrounding Homeownership Declines Embolden Already-Aggressive Built-for-Rent Developers?

November 18, 2021 by Alan Ratner

In recent weeks, a number of media headlines have pointed to a “plummeting" interest in homeownership as a by-product of the pandemic, seemingly justifying the massive push towards purpose-built single-family rental communities as households seek out the flexibility of renting along with the benefits of the single-family lifestyle. The narrative...