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Home Improvement Outlook Strong, but Discount Overly Optimistic Forecasts

January 26, 2018 by Zelman & Associates

It is our opinion that no single data source appropriately captures consumer home improvement spending trends, with limitations for many of the often-cited statistics such as retail sales for building material locations and construction spending ...

How at Risk is Homeownership with Mortgage Interest Deduction Deemphasized?

January 12, 2018 by Zelman & Associates

There are several pieces of tax reform that directly or indirectly affect the housing market, but the degree to which these items matter has been a hot topic of debate since legislation was proposed and ultimately passed. The conversation has ...

As Most Tax Payers Benefit from Tax Cuts, Where are the Losers?

January 12, 2018 by Zelman & Associates

According to The Joint Committee on Taxation, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is expected to reduce taxes by approximately $135 billion in 2018 and $280 billion in 2019. For the two years on a combined basis, almost 65% of the savings are projected ...

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